Problem Description:

Two autonomous robots are placed in a ring. As in the traditional Japanese martial arts, robots try to avoid falling out or avoid being pushed out by the opponent robot. The first robot that touches  utside of the ring loses the round.

There will be a total of three rounds. The judge will indicate the start of each round. The robot to win two rounds will be the winner of the match. The specifications are adopted from International Categories of Sumo-Bot contest. This category is called "Mega Sumo".


Team Requirements:

1.Team members should be undergraduate students.
2.maximum number of members in team is five.
3.Members may come from different universities.


Robot Specifications:


Length Width Height


Mega 20 cm 20 cm Unlimited 3 kg



  1. The robot must maintain the given specifications.
  2. First robot to fall outside the ring / cross the ring line loses.
  3. Robot must be autonomous.
  4. Robot must have a kill switch.
  5. The judging panel has the right to override any rules.


1. Jamming devices, such as IR LEDs intended to saturate the opponents IR sensors, are not allowed.

2. Parts that could break or damage the ring are not allowed. Damaging the ring will result in immediate disqualification.

3. Normal pushes and bangs are not considered intent to damage.

4. Devices that can store liquid, powder, gas or other substances for throwing at the opponent are not allowed.

5. Sticky substances to improve traction are not allowed. Tires and other components of the robot in contact with the ring, must not be able to pick up and hold a standard A4 paper (80 g/m2) for more than two seconds.

6. No weapons are allowed.

7. Uttering insulting words to the opponent or to the judges or puts voice devices in a robot to utter insulting words or writes insulting words on the body of a robot, or performing any insulting action will cause immediate disqualification.

Dohyo Specification:

The track in a Sumo-Bot contest is called “Dohyo” according to the traditional Japanese martial art form Sumo.


Diameter Border Width


Mega 157cm 5 cm 5%


Material: PVC






















Robot’s Placement at Start of the match:











Course of the Competition:

1. The start of the match will be indicated by the judge.

2. Only one contestant from each team can be outside the ring.

3. The contestant must press the button and step outside of the ring at once.

4. Upon pressing the button, the robot must wait 5 seconds to start. If not, a rematch will be called. If this happens two times at a row, a penalty will be given.

5. After each round, if necessary, one minute will be given to the teams as a break. This range can be extended up to 5 minutes by the organizers. 

6. Both robots move, without making progress, or stop (at the exact same time) and stay stopped for 5 seconds without touching each other. However, if one robot stops its movement first, after 5 seconds it will be declared as not  aving the will to fight. In this case the opponent shall be declared to have win the round, even if the opponent also stops.

7. If both robots are moving and it isn't clear if progress is being made or not, the judge can extend the time limit up to 30 seconds.

8.  If both robots touch the outside of the ring at about the same time, and it can not be determined which touched first, a rematch is called.

9. In the case the winner can't be declared in any of the above situations, there will be a special rule: A bottle will be placed in the center of the Dohyo and the first robots that touches it is declared the winner. In this case  obots will be placed in any direction and any place by the judge.

for any query, mail us at [Subject of the E-MAIL should be “sumobot”].


Registration Fees

Team with <= 3 members 2000 BDT
Team with 4 members  2250 BDT
Team with 5 members  2500 BDT


Important Dates

Date Description
1 June, 2017 Registration Start
1 August, 2017 Registration Close & Payment Deadline
4-5 August, 2017 Final Contest



Please send your payment as Bank Draft/Pay Order to
Account Name: CSE Event, Dept. of CSE, SUST
Account No: 34053918
Sonali Bank Ltd, SUST Branch, Sylhet


Questions and Discussions

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