Team Number Team Name Institution Status
1 Team Faze jalalabad cantonment public school and college,Scholarshome school and college,Borderguard school and college,Shahid cadet academy Confirmed
2 CodBros SUST Confirmed
3 SUST_bL!vE Gaming-1 SUST Confirmed
4 SUST_bL!vE Gaming-2 SUST Confirmed
5 SUST_PS SUST Confirmed
6 Retired LooseЯS Leading university Confirmed
7 JU Bad Gamers Jahangirnagar University Confirmed
8 OutLaw Bangladesh University of Business and Technology Confirmed
9 Banzai SUST, NSU Confirmed
10 Phantom Freaks Anandaniketan School Confirmed
11 Invictus E-Sports CIMA, Scholarshome, BBIS Confirmed
12 Civil Warfare Shahjalal University of Science & Technology Pending
13 Instinct E-Sports Ninja Bunnies squad Mixed Pending
15 Jokermen SUST Pending
16 Evic Gaming Harvard University Pending
17 SUST Mukti Bahini Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet Pending
18 mE? The Sylhet Khajanchibari international school and collage Pending
19 SUST_White-Walker SUST Pending